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Osama Lee Gitaka, a Japanese music producer and individual artist integrates various musical styles from around the world in his unique eastern interpretation.


Osama’s music which is passionately influenced by many music styles such as progressive, alternative, hard rock, psychedelic, EDM, and techno will immerse listeners into his unique mixture of world.


His way of integrating various grooves is backed up by his long music career.


The roar of distorted guitar and songs that constantly changes their shape construct a dream kingdom colored by colorful painting, the sound design which is fulfilled by warm analog texture invites people to the center of his world.


As a multi-talented artist who creates a well-designed soundscape, however, Osama never forgets his pop-ness and passion for the melody that shows one’s life and soul.


Osama is not only a guitar/bass player but actively producing his video content as a video producer.


Photo by Mitsuaki Tanaka

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